Electric Fencing by Roflexs.

It’s fast, simple and tidy.

Simple and Compatible Connections




As Simple to Dismantle as it is to Erect
Tape Stored on Reels at Base of Post

Tape Stored on Reels at Base of Post




Roflexs UK are the UK distributors for the German Roflexs electric fencing systems renowned for their speed, simplicity, tidiness and innovation. Their products are designed to overcome many of the inconveniences of other traditional electric fencing systems.


Fencing that is quick to erect and dismantle.

If you have a need for fencing that is fast, simple and tidy, then take a look at the videos on our VIDEOS PAGE. There are videos showing most of the products in use in a number of circumstances so you can see for yourself jsut how quick, efficient and tidy tasks become with Roflexs fencing.

An electric fence that is simple to use.

The Roflexs clip system makes joining adjacent bays easy.When erecting the fence you just clip the buckles at the end of the tapes to the previous post and walk away and watch the tapes automatically extend. At 8m or the desired point place the post into the ground and carry on with the next one. When dismantling you just pull the post out of the ground and walk towards the next post while the tapes automatically are recoiled by spring onto their reels. The clip system on Roflexs Electric Fencing have common design, so all the systems are compatible for use with each other.

A fence that is tidy in storage.

When not in use the tapes retract into their reels at the base of the post or pole giving neat and tidy storage with no mess, knots, tangles or damage. Come time to re erect it is refreshing to have a product that is efficient and ready to go.

See our Videos.

See our Videos on Roflexs Electric Fencing. There is the video above showing the speed and simplicity of erecting a fence, and there are others from an explanation of the systems, to hints and tips, a couple showing the built in lorry / trailer kits and more showing the fencing in action or on “how to”.

German Engineering Quality.

Roflexs products have the care in design and quality of manufacture we find typified by German engineering. Product is assembled in Roflexs’s own factory  with their own experienced workforce where they can keep tight control over their quality of manufacture.


Equestrian and Agricultural Use.

Whilst intended primarily for equestrian use, Roflexs electric fencing can also be used in certain agricultural applications. It is ideal for paddock division and creating temporary turnout or starvation areas.


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