Roflexs Fencing Systems


Powered Premium Post

Premium Post with Built in Energiser





Tape reels at base of Profi post

Tape reels at base of Profi post









Premium is the top of the range, comprising a hollow aluminium post within which the electrical tapes run to the reels within the base. Premium is a 2 tape system and is available with an energiser built into one of the posts if desired.


Basic is the latest addition to the main Roflexs product lines. It is similar to Premium in look and construction , but experience has led to its development using more standardised parts, enabling a more competative price. Basic comes with a 5 metre bay length, and is not available with a built in energiser.


The Profi system is the middle range system constructed with a glass fibre poleĀ  with up to three tape reels fitted externally at the base. The tapes run externally up the side of the pole and through a guide and on to the next post.


Roflexs Accessories.

Roflexs produce a range of accessories from spare batteries and cigar lighter adaptors to their swinging reel ‘gate’.

Horsebox and Trailer Kits.

We supply bespoke kits for fitting tape reels and anchorages to trailers and lorries.

Roflexs & Animal Welfare and Safety.

Roflexs products have been designed with animal welfare and safety in mind. If an animal were to bolt through the fencing when startled, the anchorage of the tape on the reel is designed to break to reduce the chances of injury. Similarly, the steel spike at the base of the Premium post is designed to snap in the event of an accident. A chargeable after sales service is available to repair the equipment in the event of such breakages.

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