Hints and Tips.

  1. There is no special post made for creating a ‘gateway’. You just use a regular post, pace out to the width you want up to 7.5m (depending on range) and that becomes your ‘gateway’. This is entirely personal choice based on the space you want for handling your horses.
  2. Single and 2 tape Profi posts can be retro fitted with more tapes until a maximum of three tapes are fitted to any post.
  3. Within each product range there is now a difference in price between the longer posts and the shorter.
  4. When walking out erecting a fence, once you have walked 8 paces (7 for Profi, 6 for Travel Set, and 5 for Basic) you should anticipate the tapes going taught, as firstly you will thus not keep yanking the tapes against their fixings at each end, and you will not waste time repeatedly stepping half a pace back in order to tread the post into the ground.
  5. When dismantling a fence, you just do the opposite of erecting it. If with the Premium system the tapes do not smoothly pass through the slot back into the post, it is probably because the tape has become creased by the wind. If this happens, simply ‘iron’ the tape between your fingers to remove the creases and it will retract smoothly.
  6. If using a Powered Premium post, it is best to erect it with the battery on the outside of the enclosure, as it then keeps the battery and its lead away from the animals and being chewed or otherwise damaged.
  7. If using a Powered Premium Post, it is best to place it on the corner of an enclosure as you can then both keep the battery on the outside away from the animals, and also be able to see the indicator light which is on the opposite side to the battery.
  8. Even if your electric fence is not being used, if animals have access to it it is advisable to leave it switched on, as otherwise they may use it for entertainment, and chew or break the tapes. We have witnessed a horse pulling and releasing a tape that was not switched on like a kid with a tape measure!
  9. All Roflexs fencing systems have built in safety features. If an animal were to bolt through a Roflexs fence, on all Roflexs systems the anchorage of the tape to the reel is designed to break in this circumstance reducing the chance of any injury to the animal. In a similar manner, the spike at the base of the Premium posts is designed to snap off in the event of an accident. This is why operating instructions for Premium fencing state that you should only wriggle the top of a Premium post no more than 50mm from side to side to loosen a post if required before pulling it out.
  10. Only in the Powered Premium post is there electrical continuity between the upper and lower tapes. With all the other Roflexs systems, as with other manufacturers systems, you will need to make an electrical link at some point between the upper and lower tapes. Roflexs sell a special link designed to do this quickly and efficiently.
  11. If your fence does not end at its origin, such as when used in a line or for making an enclosure alongside a hedge, wall or existing fence you will need a ‘stop end & deviation’ post to anchor the tapes from you last post. This is merely a regular post without tape reels fitted, and is available in both the Premium and Profi systems. The Premium version only acts as a stop end. If you want to deviate the lines of a tape you need the Profi version.
  12. A Stop End & Deviation Post can be used to change the line or level of a post mid bay. It can thus be used to turn corners, bend around hazards, or cope with sudden changes in ground level.
  13. When putting Profi posts into hard ground, hold the post just above the tape reels with your hand as it will help stop the pole from flexing as you tread it in.
  14. In exceptionally hard or frozen ground conditions, as with many other systems it  is best to form a pilot hole for the posts. This can be done with a hammer and spike or is very quick with a cordless drill if you have one.
  15. When in storage or transit feed the buckles of the tapes back through the metal guide as it helps preserve the tape in better condition where it meets the buckle.
  16. If you live in a very exposed area and there are gale force winds expected, if your fencing is not in use recoil the tapes back onto their reels so they do not get stressed.
  17. Roflexs fencing systems have the ability to create differing bay lengths. For Premium it is 7.7m. For Profi it is about 7.5m. For the Travel Sets it is 6m. For Basic it is 5m. These dimensions are aproximate.
  18. The hook and buckle systems on all Roflexs systems are compatible so you can mix and match fencing from all the systems.

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