The Profi System

The Profi Sys















8m by 8m Profi Enclosure

8m by 8m Profi Enclosure






The Profi System.

The Profi system is the middle product in the Roflexs range. Profi can either be used as a 1, 2 or 3 tape system, and posts can be upgraded at a later date with more tapes up to a total of 3 per post. The Profi system has a glass fibre pole, and the tapes run externally to reels at the base. Each post is capable of making a bay of fencing of up to 7 metres.


Post Length and Tape Dimensions.

Profi posts are available in one overall length, 160cm, but can easily be shortened if necessary. Tape heights are fully adjustable within the length of the pole. With the 160 poles the maximum tape height is 50 inches.


Ease of use.

When erecting the fence you just clip  the buckles at the end of the tapes to the previous post and walk away and watch the tapes automatically extend. At 8m or the desired point place the post into the ground and carry on with the next one. When dismantling you just pull the post out of the ground and walk towards the next post while the tapes automatically are recoiled by spring onto their reels.


Mix and Match.

All Roflexs electric fence systems are designed to interconnect with each other so you can mix your stock for different uses and still have them all work together.

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