The Basic System.

Basic is the latest addition to the Roflexs systems of electric fencing. Basic has come about through a product development program designed to maximise the use of standard components and thus reduce cost without compromising quality.









Basic posts are similar to the Premium posts in having the + section ground spike, and the tapes withdrawing down the centre of the hollow post. Basic however has a shorter bay length (5m), and is not available with a built in energiser.

Post Length and Tape Dimensions.

Basic is available in two overall lengths (including the spike), 160cm and 145cm. With the 160 post the top tape height from ground level is 50 inches or 127cm, and with the 145post, the top tape height is 112cm or 44 inches.

Ease of use.

When erecting the fence you just clip  the buckles at the end of the tapes to the previous post and walk away and watch the tapes automatically extend. At 5m or the desired point place the post into the ground and carry on with the next one. When dismantling you just pull the post out of the ground and walk towards the next post while the tapes automatically are recoiled by spring onto their reels.

Mix and Match.

All Roflexs electric fence systems are designed to interconnect with each other so you can mix your stock for different uses and still have them all work together.

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