History and Awards.

In 2007, Torsten Menzel whose background is working as an Electronics Engineer developed the Roflexs electric fencing systems having watched his daughter struggling with her traditional electric fencing for her horse. Seeing a need in the market he set out to develop an electric fencing system that was truly user friendly in all aspects of its use and storage.

1st Essen Award

Essen, March 14, 2007 | Equitania Exhibition

Despite the fact that Roflexs had not entered themselves for consideration for an award, the jury were so impressed with their product that they made Roflexs a special award in recognition of thier producing such a simple but innovative product.

entrepreneur of the year award

Magdeburg, October 6, 2007 | Entrepreneurs of the Year Awards

Dr. Reiner Haseloff, Minister of Economy Saxony-Anhalt, presents Torsten Menzel with 1st prize “entrepreneurs of the year award” for his outstanding achievements.

innovation award

Nuremberg, November 4, 2007 | Technology and Innovation Awards

Torsten Menzel recieves 1st prize from the Federal Ministry for Technology and Innovation, for the functional concept and successful implementation of his electric fencing systems.

06.21.2009 | Roflexs appoint their 50th dealer

06.21.2009 | Roflexs appoint their 50th dealer!

The success story beginning two years ago caused a stir right from the start. From the awards at Equitana 2007 Roflexs has continued to build on its success, and now has appointed its 50th dealer.

Roflexs in the UK.

Having seen the Roflexs fencing system in use by one of the competitors at Boekelo 3 day event in Holland in 2009, Tim and Cindy Llewellyn approached Roflexs to purchase some of their fencing. They were so impressed with the product that they came to an agreement to distribute Roflexs’s products in the UK, and Roflexs UK was set up in the Spring of 2010.


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