A pair of 8 by 5 overnight enclosures beside a lorry

A pair of 8 by 5 overnight corrals by a lorry









An overnight pen for Ponies

An overnight pen for Ponies









A pair of 16m by 12m enclosures with 'gates'.

A pair of 16m by 12m enclosures with 'gates'.









Paddock Divider Fence for Segregation.

Paddock Divider Fence for Segregation.





Markets and Uses for Roflexs Electric


Uses for Roflex electric fence falls into two main categories, home use and use away from home, which is normally the creation of an overnight enclosure or corral for animals. Whilst primarily designed for horses and ponies it is equally effective at containing other livestock such as sheep and cattle.

‘Away’ Use.

The largest user group of Roflexs Electric Fencing away from home are equestrian competitors competing in disciplines where overnight stabling is not normally provided. The most significant groups are Endurance Riders, Carriage Drivers and some Pony Club competitions. The Roflexs Travelling Set is also particularly suited to Trail Riding.

The Roflexs systems enable you to erect your enclosures far more swiftly and simply than with other systems giving more time for relaxation when the chores are done. Similarly come time to pack up, Roflexs fencing packs away so quickly and tidily you departure can be far more swift. It is packed away with no knots mess or tangles ready for a quick set up on the next occasion.

In summary, Roflexs users are the people of an evening sitting in comfort with smug looks on their faces enjoying a nice glass of wine while watching others slave away over their fencing. Come pack up time they can start later, and still be gone before the others.

‘Home’ use.

Home use of electric fencing splits into two main groups, creation of turnout areas, and field or paddock division.

Turnout Areas.

Turnout areas are most frequently created either to control the amount of grazing animals get, or to restrict their movement in an endeavour to reduce the chance of injury. It is good to be able to efficiently create areas big enough to enjoy some fresh air and grazing, but not enough that they can charge around and pull muscles or throw off shoes. Either way there is a need to relocate these areas at regular intervals to move them onto the chosen amount of fresh grass. Roflexs fencing is exceptionally efficient in this use and could mean you see less of your farrier and vet.

Field or Paddock Division.

To avoid unnecessary injury, many people with competition horses will only put their horses out singly. However as herd animals they can be more settled if in company. Dividing paddocks into smaller areas can keep you animals segregated avoiding injury while letting them have company nearby.Typically the grazing alongside the fence will suffer most use and damage, but with Roflexs the fence can be quickly relocated spreading the load on the field.

With both of these uses and also with strip grazing there is a benefit in being able to swiftly take down your fencing to undertake your land work more efficiently, and then be able to quickly re erect it. There are thus significant savings in time to be made when harrowing, rolling, mowing, spraying, poo picking, hedge cutting, fertilizing or muck spreading etc. With many other fencing systems users tend to work around their electric fencing and become a slave to it because it is not sufficiently user friendly.

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