Roflexs UK Videos.

To make life easier for our customers, and hopefully answer a number of questions, we at Roflexs have some short videos about our electric fencing. Since filming, the new Basic range has been added, and the Standard range has been dropped. Also bay lengths have been changed due to system improvements.

Visitors are reporting difficulty in viewing some of the videos when using Internet Explorer. When using Firefox (which is simply downloaded) there seems to be no problem.

Erecting the Electric Fence

This video shows 80m of twin tape Profi electric fence being erected. It shows the full 80 metres being erected so you can see the technique used and see for youself just how quick simple and tidy these fencing systems are. The fence being erected is to divide a paddock into 2 so competition horses can go out side by side without the risk of them injuring each other. Because the horses tend to poach the ground and do most of their grazing close to the fence line this fence is regularly taken up and re positioned to ‘spread the load’ on the field.

An Explanation of Roflexs Electric Fencing

This video shows the main products in the Roflexs range and gives an explanantion of the fence dimensions, and the differences between the systems and the variations that are available.

Hints and tips on using Roflexs Electric Fencing Efficiently

This video is an amalgamation of hints and tips to help our customers be more efficient when they use their fencing  whether it be for creating a turnout area or dividing a paddock. This video is aimed at speeding up whatever learning curve you may have and to help you make the most of the speed and simplicity of the Roflexs systems as quickly as possible.    N.B. Contrary to the video narrative, there is now a differential in pricing between the different post lengths.

Built in Trailer / Lorry systems:

We can provide kits for Roflexs installations on your trailer / lorry. Because of the variety of needs each kit is priced individually. Please call for more information.

Premium Fencing: In use

Showing erection and dismantling of premium fencing and the powered post.

Premium Fencing:

Showing connections, junctions intersections and alterations.

Profi Fencing:

Showing erection and dismantling.

Profi Fencing: Harder Ground

Showing the correct method of inserting a Profi post into harder ground holding it down near the base.

Stop End & Deviation Posts:

This video shows the creation of a small area alongside a lorry using Stop End & Deviation Posts firstly as an anchor for the first tapes, and then to turn corners. These posts can also be used to cope with sudden changes in level in terrain. The line of a tape can deviate horizontally or vertically or both at the same time.


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